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hi friends i will teach you everything i know about piano, so this method will make you learn fast. here in this video ,you will learn about inversions . i have short videos so u wont get bored.

Improvisation – Jazz Piano Lessons – Sounds Good at Slow Tempo

Do your fingers seem to only have one speed—slow?
Want something bluesy you can play slowly and still sound great?

Take some piano lessons from Scott Houston “The Piano Guy.” In this video, Scott shows you how to use a 12 measure pattern to create a great bluesy sound that sounds great played slowly.

The example for these piano lessons are taught in the key of C two octaves down from Middle C.

The order to play the chords follows the 12 measure pattern:

Frequently you will see the C7, F7, G7 played, but today we are going to make it even simpler and use a variation of the C, F and G Chords for your left hand part.

We will just be using the two outside notes (removing the middle note of the triad) of the chords for this pattern.

C = C,E,G: We will play the C & G.
F = F,A,C: We will play just the F & C.
G = G,B,D: We will play the G & D.

After playing the two outside notes, we will keep the pinkie on the root but will then move the thumb up one step and play that. So the pattern will look like this:

1. C & G and C & A
2. C & G and C & A
3. C & G and C & A
4. C & G and C & A
5. F & C and F & D
6. F & C and F & D
7. C & G and C & A
8. C & G and C & A
9. G & D and G & E
10. F & C and F & D
11. C & G and C & A
12. C & G and C & A

Another way to look at it is:

C & G and C & A (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 4
F & C and F & D (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 2
C & G and C & A (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 2
G & D and G & E (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 1
F & C and F & D (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 1
C & G and C & A (playing quarter notes 4 times= 1 measure) X 2

Then repeat over and over again! Added bonus—at the end of each 12 measure pattern before you go back up to the top, you can play a G augmented (G aug) F, B, D# in your right hand

Practice playing the left hand pattern solely until you get to the point that you can play it pretty easily without having to think too hard or until your hand has that muscle memory.

Once you get the left hand pattern down, you are ready to tackle the right hand part. With your right hand, you will be improvising. Just stick to all the white notes with the exception of the Bb. If you want to, you can also include the Eb. If you stick to playing only those keys you will never hit a clam.

The key is to keep your pattern in the left hand playing slowly and consistently at the same tempo.

Have fun with this slow blues pattern. It is a great chance to practice your improvising!

Scott’s life goal is to help you learn to play piano through piano lessons that you can take anywhere and at any time to get you started having some fun at a piano or keyboard as quickly as possible.

Scott Houston is the host of The Piano Guy television series on Public Television and has taught hundreds of thousands of folks like yourself, how to have some fun on their piano or keyboard. He wants to help you get there too—as quickly as possible.

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Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston, Emmy Award Winning Host
of The Piano Guy and Music Makers on Public Television

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Improvisation – Jazz Piano Lessons – Sounds Good at Slow Tempo

From http://www.PlayPianoTODAY.com – In this chapter of the Blues Piano Lesson series, we’ll dig into that mysterious ingredient of the Blues – the “Tri-tone”. In addition, we’ll explore how to use this simple, yet powerful interval to form “comp chords” behind a piano solo. Go practice!

The easiest way to learn piano chords:

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Nate Bosch plays an improvisational solo based on the theme song from “The Office” TV series.

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– http://www.PianoLessons.com
Watch This Video At:
– http://pianolessons.com/piano-lessons/the-office-theme-song.php

In this lesson, you will discover some tips and exercises that will help you learn how to master your chords. Get the chord trainer exercise for this lesson here: https://goo.gl/VGxUZz

1. Become familiar with major, minor, diminished and augmented chords. Practice these regularly, and make sure to know what the chord spelling is. The chord spelling refers to the notes that make up the chord. For example, a c major chord is spelled C, E and G. The e minor chord is spelled E, G and B. The better you are at spelling chords, the better you will be at playing chord patterns. Once the lesson is finished, use the link in the description or annotation to find the printout notes for this lesson and practice your chord spellings. If you are unfamiliar with chords, I recommend you learn two chords a week and add two each week until you are familiar with them all. Keep in mind that for a beginner, it will take time for you to learn your chords.
2. Become familiar with common chord patterns (like the I, IV, V exercise we will have today) patterns. These are known as cadences. Becoming familiar with these patterns on the piano and by sight will help you play chords much more easily since these are the patterns you will see in actual music.
If you go to http://pianolessonsontheweb.com/pianochords you will find an exercises to practice major chord cadences and inversions.
If you find the lessons on this channel helpful, you really want to check out my online academy over on my website pianolessonsontheweb.com. Covers new topics, has instructional lessons like this one with notes, sheet music examples, real songs to play, assignments and activities.

After the chords piano tutorial, check out the playlist on chords here: https://goo.gl/a9BW4l

00:00 Introduction
00:24 About Chords You Should Know
02:00 Cadence Chord Progression Patterns
04:53 Chord Practice Exercise
10:01 What Questions Do You Have?
11:20 Outro Card

In this video I’m going to show you how to learn piano notes… AND the number one mistake you need to avoid if you ever want to know how to read piano keys and master the layout of the piano 🎹

If you’re a piano lessons beginner, this is the place to start. This is the absolute -first- step for how to play piano easy.

In this “how to learn piano keys” tutorial, I show you my favorite foolproof exercise that even little kids can use to become piano-keys-finding ninjas!

In my free piano lessons beginners can learn piano notes and keys like it’s a piece of cake! I make it a point to explain this stuff as simply and effectively as I can.

So if you’d like to get beginner piano lessons free, make sure to subscribe to the channel as I’ll be uploading more videos like this in the future.

For this one, I’ve got the piano keys labeled, but if you want to really learn piano keys you might want to watch ’till the end to see an even better way to learn piano notes for beginners.

I believe in providing online piano lessons for beginners free. I want to make piano lessons easy, and teach people how to learn piano notes online.

I’ve got many easy piano lessons, but this one is all about piano keys for beginners… specifically how to know piano keys.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the video and learn piano notes the easy way.

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By popular request, some advanced tips and tricks while using Ezkeys. How I pulled Pharrel & Chad Hugo’s Card. A continuation of my previous video about the “Best Midi Tools”. And a sequel to why I think “music theory” via musicianship is over rated.

All of which is click bait, but enjoy either way.

– MG, You know what I’m about …

*** Tools Used ***

Toontrack EZkeys

Presonus Studio One V4

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My Website:
http://www.mgthefuture.com (I sell beats & kits)

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MG The Future is a music producer from North Carolina. This channel was created to teach producers how to create great hip hop by hacking and reverse engineering.

Learn Piano Songs For Beginners – http://www.learnpianoin30days.org/ – piano songs for beginners with letters

Perhaps you want to learn piano chords to perform your favorite songs for piano to friends – it’s now easier than ever to learn piano songs for beginners. To help people like you, we have produced some hundreds of detailed video lesson guides for the most celebrated and most asked for piano songs and music!

Good piano songs to learn for beginners

You may be interested in the top hits of the present day or yesterday’s classic songs – you can now learn how to play your favorite music! Piano lessons for beginners have never been so accessible – you can learn how to play piano now!.

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Piano songs for beginners sheet music

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Beginners piano songs – piano songs for beginners easy – http://www.learnpianoin30days.org/

Guitar Lessons

Deep River Blues Lesson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4lMZxM5AFQ
Jim Bruce Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/acoustictravellersl

Best piano songs to learn for beginners

To learn how to play piano just click here http://tiny.cc/learnpiano

Learn Piano – How to Play Any Song by Ear – LearnGospelByEar.com

Urban and Contemporary Worship Play by Ear is the quickest way to learn any song by ear. After learning how to play by ear with no one to show me, it forced me to develop an easy and quick process and procedure to learning songs by ear quickly. Many of the musicians, when I was learning how to play, did not know theory nor were they able to explain the process to learning songs. After so many years of finally learning theory, I began to see a remarkable pattern to all songs and I am exposing these secrets to you. By learning these secrets, you will not only be able to create your own music without knowing how to read it, but you will be able to play any song you hear GUARANTEED! “It just cannot get any easier than this……” This is the ultimate DVD for beginners and for musicians looking to get back into playing.

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