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My name is Barrie Evans and I want to tell you all about how Easiest Way To Learn Piano came to be.

piano ready to playAs a young boy of 8, I was keen to learn a musical instrument. I lived with my parents just over the road from the local school and my father knew the head teacher quite well. He was chatting to her and said I wanted to learn to play an instrument and she suggested the piano. She them suggested that I use the piano in the school to practice until they got one for me.

That was where my journey started.

As I progressed, I would take part in the local Eisteddfod, which is a competitive festival of music and poetry in Wales. I got quite good at these competitions and there was a friendly rivalry between another young fellow, a young girl and me. It depended on the adjudicator and what he liked as to who ended up winning, or at least that was what we thought. If it was Beethoven, I would usually win. If it was Chopin, then one of the others would win. We were very competitive, but loved the challenge.

As I moved to late teens / Early 20's I joined a band and played keyboards for them. It was a great experience and we nearly went all the way. Some things are not meant to be though and I went back into my "day job".

I was still playing the organ at my local church and that was another area of my musical prowess at the time. I had taken ARCO (Associate of the Royal College of Organists) when I was 18. Something that I very nearly passed at the first attempt, but regretfully didn't and more regretfully I didn't try again. Probably because of my other musical commitments at the time and how things developed.

My musical career went on in a part time semi professional role playing and singing around the clubs in South Wales. Due to other work commitments, this ended and I didn't play for a very long time.

Then I met a guy who was helping me with my first attempt at internet marketing. I wanted to use marketing in my business, which was as a local electrical contractor. He suggested I learn by also promoting and building up a website based on a passion i already had. He told me that I would benefit a lot from it if it was successful too. And so....

Step up a website based on learning to play piano!

I have worked on many other online projects since that time, but never forgot my passion. This is why I started Easiest Way To Learn Piano so that others can have the pleasure from playing that wonderful instrument!

All it takes from me now is to thank you for visiting my website and to wish you a great day and a fun filled future playing the piano!

All the best,


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