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Free online piano lessons that teach you to play the piano. Free gospel piano lessons, articles, and piano lesson reviews. This piano lesson covers The First Noel with a semi-classical style.

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I’m posting this because I want to show my fans that it is NEVER too late to improve yourself. I stopped playing the piano at 12 years old because of a traumatic experience. I didn’t want that event to keep me from pursuing something that I could enjoy and actually get good at. I hope this encourages you!


In this video I cover a essential gospel piano turnaround. You need this for your worship songs. This is a part of my gospel piano essentials lessons.

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http://www.freejazzlessons.com/ Bebop Jazz Lick Lesson. Ready for some free jazz piano lessons? Well, in this this video I’m going to show you a very cool lick that you can use over a very famous jazz piano chord progression.

This jazz piano riffs video is not long. In fact, it’s just a short jazz piano lesson on how to play a minor ii – V- i lick. 2-5-1

This is definitely one of my oldest videos. In fact, it was filmed in 2011. Our newest jazz piano lessons feature more advanced recording technology, lighting, and sound. Please make sure you stop by our site to get the notation and lots more jazz piano lessons and jazz piano riffs.

I will show you this beautiful song note-for-note. I will also show you how to incorporate other latin grooves to create an improvisation.

I get a decent amount of emails from hopeful piano students (and some not-so-hopeful). One question that I’m asked again and again is, “Am I too old to learn piano?”


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🎹🎼 Happy playing! 🎼🎹

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Piano tutorial by “SK Piano Tutorial”

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