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Piano Lessons Gone NUTS! Video 1 of MANY coming up where Shawn answers the common everyday questions about music that everyone has. I’ve taught piano lessons for over 23 years, and played professionally for longer than that! No cold lifeless animated lessons here, or watered down lessons by someone who doesn’t understand themselves what they are trying to teach you! I’m ready to teach and help you to reach your goal and dream of playing the piano successfully. Enjoy.

Focus: How to not only practice, but how to develop the mind to think about fingers independently so that in the end, each finger is as strong as the others and the two hands become one extension of your emotional centre.

New Podcast Series: http://piano-jazz.blogspot.com/2018/06/a-word-in-your-ear.html

Some very good practice tips including my own daily routine (within the scope of the video). Realise that the fingers don’t have muscles, rather they have tendons. You never seek to ‘strengthen finger muscles’, you seek to develop a mental connection between your mind and its absolute positivity regarding any pianistic requirement (difficult passage, etc), removing any doubt or negativity from this process.

A useful link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand

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Get ready to play a jazz duet 🙂 Level: Late Intermediate

Step 7 – Walking Bass + Rootless Voicings
Preview: 0:04
Tutorial: 1:04

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RH: Rootless Voicings
LH: Walking Bass

All the things you are chords (AABA):

|Fm7 |Bbm7 |Ebmaj |Abmaj |
|Dbmaj |G7 |Cmaj7 |Cmaj7 |

|Cm7 |Fm7 |Bb7 |Ebmaj |
|Abmaj |D7 |Gmaj7 |Gmaj7 |

|Am7 |D7 |Gmaj7 |Gmaj7 |
|F#m7 |B7 |Emaj7 |C+ |

|Fm7 |Bbm7 |Ebmaj |Abmaj |
|Dbmaj |Dbm7 |Cm7 |Bm7b5 |
|Bbm7 |Eb7 |Abmaj | G7 C7 |

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This is the easiest way you’ll ever learn piano. If you want to impress your friends or just want to play along with songs on the radio, this method can have you playing in a few minutes.

Here is the link to my Praise in 10 Days Guitar video to give you an idea of what the piano version will be like:

Good luck!

You can download the full version of this lesson at:

In the Playing Gospel Sounds Series of Piano Lessons, you will focus on learning to play Spirituals and other Hymns associated with Black Gospel Music one song at a time.

Playing Gospel Sounds 8 – “I Surrender All” is the eighth Black Gospel song that you will be learning to play in the Playing Gospel Sounds series.

Have you ever wondered How To Play Gospel piano? What are some fillers, licks, and runs I can play in gospel music? What are some good gospel intros and endings?

You will learn answers to these questions in all of the Playing Gospel Sounds programs one song at a time.

You can learn about all of the Playing Gospel Sounds programs at:

Charley Wyser performs the entire versions of all of the songs in the series using some of the “traditional seasonings and spices” heard in Black Gospel music.

You will learn How To Play the version you see and hear in the video less some of the improvisation.

The Black Gospel Piano Lessons will breaks everything down into little parts that are easy to understand.

You will learn Chords, Bass Lines, Octaves, Fillers, Licks, Intros, Endings and much more.

Piano Lessons – Black Gospel #8 – I Surrender All Piano Lesson

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Chord Finder – Piano Lessons

Take some piano lessons from Scott Houston “The Piano Guy.” In this video, Scott shows you how to quickly find the notes that comprise a chord that you do not know already.

For this demonstration, Scott will use an aid called a chord wand. Using the chord wand is a very handy way to learn any new chord you don’t yet know. You can simply eave it at your piano, and you’ll never have to look elsewhere to learn a chord again!

The chord wand gives you a fast and very graphical way to learn what particular notes are in a chord. It’s very user-friendly in that it takes no batteries, and you literally place it right on your keyboard to have it show you what notes are in a chord. You simply align the ruler with whatever the root note is in your chord, then let it show you the remaining notes in whatever chord you are trying to look up. Although not needed as it is simple to use, there are VERY detailed instructions that come along with it.

Beyond the simpler 3 and 4 note chords, the chord wand can also show you almost any crazy alteration you will ever come across. I’d be shocked if you ever found a chord symbol that this couldn’t help you with. It’s deceptively simple design masks the huge amount of help it will provide you forever and ever as you continue on in your knowledge of chords and chord symbols.

Scott’s life goal is help you learn to play piano through piano lessons that you can take anywhere and at any time to get you started having some fun at a piano or keyboard as quickly as possible.

Scott Houston is the host of The Piano Guy television series on Public Television and has taught hundreds of thousands of folks like yourself, how to have some fun on their piano or keyboard. He wants to help you get there too—as quickly as possible.

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Chord Finder – Piano Lessons