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In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’re going to re-approach a question on this channel from a few years ago, when PianoTV was in its infancy – how long does it take to learn piano?


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It’s time to take a step outside of the major keys and look at playing some blues as jazz using minor and flat notes. Once you find your way around the black keys there’s a lot of cool patterns that can fall into place.

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In this Video I will be showing a simple technique to practice playing piano with both of your hands. This will take time to get it right, but practice one hand first and then the other. Remember when playing a song to play the chords on your left hand and notes on your right. Please show your support by a comment, rate, or subscribing.
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Learn simple chord cycles to improve your piano abilities with this easy tutorial. These Chords are very easy to learn and important to master, they are the kindergarten level of Piano! Everyone has to start with learning the very easiest piano skills and this is it.

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Learn piano easily part-4 !! पियानो वाजवायला शिका मराठी मध्ये भाग – ४

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The easiest way to learn piano chords:

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Nate Bosch plays a blues piano solo.
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