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Easy Songs Are The Key

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singing and dancingOne of the most important things to know about playing the piano is to start out with something that is easy, but fun to play. When you begin learning, it’s generally the best thing to begin with playing one hand at a time and then progress to songs that prove to be more difficult. Practice is the key to becoming a great pianist and patience to get past the boring exercises to be able to play your favourite songs when you get better and better. It’s important that you schedule in time to practice properly, which may prove difficult these days with our busy lives.

Start By Playing Easy Music

Playing easy songs when you start out is one of the best ways to learn, because going straight into more complex and difficult piano pieces can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. When you start you will want to play things and yet you will find it very hard, so hard maybe that you won’t be able to imagine that you can play with both hands, but using appropriate techniques and learning the right way, you will be able to do that in no time.

Teachers may have you practicing scales to get used to playing the keys well and flow across the keyboard easily. A lot of the time a simple scale going from middle "C" to the next octave "C" note is all that you need to do to start to get your fingers moving and exercised.

Learning to play easy music well is one of your first goals when learning to play piano. When you get the basics right, everything else gets easier. Remember to start with easy to play and master music first, taking the baby steps needed to progress to a more mature and professional pianist over time.


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