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Horace Silver “Song for My Father” (Jazz Piano Lessons)

Take some piano lessons from Scott Houston “The Piano Guy.” In this video, Scott and his guest, David Benoit show you how to play “Song For My Father.”

If you want to watch a video of Scott teaching simply the bare, bones version of the song first, click the link below.

Benoit and Houston discuss the importance of quality “seat time” PLAYING songs versus practicing. As a working musician, Benoit shares that he usually works from a lead sheet not from traditional sheet music.

First, David demonstrates the right hand melody line part then the left hand bossa nova beat. Houston and Benoit share a tip to use if you are struggling with hand independence when playing with both hands together.

Houston simply wants to help you teach yourself piano skills to get you having some fun at a piano as quickly as possible.

The video concludes with a great performance of “Song For My Father”on piano by David Benoit.

Scott Houston is the host of The Piano Guy television series on Public Television and has taught hundreds of thousands of folks like yourself, how to have some fun on their piano or keyboard. He wants to help you get there too—as quickly as possible.

The following topics are discussed in this video:
left hand bossa nova beat
F & C chords
the root and the fifth
similarity to Steely Dan’s “Rickie Don’t Use That Number”
AA song format

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Horace Silver “Song for My Father” (Jazz Piano Lessons)

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