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What do we mean by the easiest way to learn piano?
There are several ways to learn to play the piano.
Among these are:

  • Being self taught,
  • Piano lessons from a local teacher (or, coming up to date),
  • Taking an Online Course in Learning Piano

One thing is absolutely certain - learning the piano gives a lot of pleasure and gratification, especially when you get good at it!
This takes a lot of practice and dedication if you want to be able to play at a high level.
Be prepared to deal with boring scales, exercises etc. and you will get a buzz from playing great piano music.
Remember that practice makes perfect, so do the work, perform the exercises to improve and develop your technique.
Who knows how good you can be?

The One thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!


We have some great recommendations for you. Online courses that take you step by step to play your favourite songs or classical melodies.

Adult Starters

You may be a late starter. Or you may want to carry on where you left off as a child. These programs can help you master the piano better.

Kids Piano

Nothing better for kids than playing a musical instrument. 
Keeping them entertained while learning is where these courses can excel.

Sheet Music

When you can play, you will want a place to get some great piano music. We have sources to help you find those too!
We hope you can find what you need.

Your Way To Learn Piano Is The Best Way!

Rocket Piano - Learn Piano

As someone wanting to learn how to play piano, you may prefer the traditional way. This would be having private lessons with a specialist piano teacher. There are many benefits to this, but the biggest constraint is cost.

Online piano lessons will cut down the cost over time because when you purchase a course, it's usually a one time expense. Also you learn in your own home at your own pace. If you decide to teach yourself, you will need some guidance and online courses provide good guidance. Alternatively you can use books, but these cannot show you the techniques like a traditional teacher or an online trainer in the course.

Practice is another important part, so you need an instrument to practice on. This doesn't have to an expensive instrument, but do you prefer a traditional piano or are you happy with a digital keyboard? Either will do, but the electronic keyboards are much better if they have weighted keys and touch sensitivity, which is the case with modern keyboards anyway.

Exercises are important because your fingers will hurt a little and even your wrists will ache if you practice a lot. These are muscles and they can be damaged if you don't prepare them for the extra work they are now going to do. Scales are great exercises to get your fingers working well. Simple songs can also help, which ever your preference.

When you get started you will learn about notes and chords as well as your hand and finger position when playing. It's also very useful to learn to read music and some music theory.

Learning to play piano will be a very positive experience for you. It's great to be able to play whenever you want and when you go out, if there is a piano in the room, you will be able to entertain many people as well as yourself.

There is no "best way to learn". There is only YOUR way and that is what matters most. 

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