Learn To Play Piano At Home

Learn piano chords – http://tinyurl.com/7ree9xd Hi and welcome to segment two of learn piano chords. One of the important facts about any music that you listen to whether it’s classical music or its rock music or modern contemporary music they all have one common thing. And that is the structure of the chords within the song.

So you’ll learn piano chords structure that is dominant and typical of any song. It will always start with the root scale and in this case let’s say we have a song in the scale of C it will start off with this C chord and the to or the melody will be focused around the C Chord and then from there from the C chord it will actually move into what’s called the dominant position which is the G chord and in addition to the G chord it’ll also go to the sub dom what’s called the sub dominant chord which is the F chord. So most songs that we know of today and even in the past focus on those 3 chord patterns. The scale of C we start of with C the sub dominant one is D E F, it’s F, and then the dominant chord is in G. So when we play C chord we play it with C E and G. The sub dominant chord will be F A C and the dominant chord will be G B and D. So that”ll form the root and the basis of the structure for all our songs that we’re going to learn piano chords.

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