Learn To Play Piano At Home

Download the music sheet here: http://fulhamtree.com/?p=364

This is the second of the series “Learn to read piano music in 10 min. Well, it will take you more than that but you will be practicing as you make music.

If you haven’t done the Part 1, we strongly suggest you to do it, here is the link:

1 We learn to play some notes on the right hand as we keep the left hand more static.
2 We swap
3 We go back to move the right hand more and we add more notes
4 We learn about sharps and we work in a G major key. Although we don’t explain about keys, we want you to experiment it. We will explain it in future videos.
5 We learn about flats, in particular B flat, in a F major environment.
6 We still on F major, we learn a new position on the right hand.
7 Going back to C major, we learn a new position on the left hand.
8 We learn about scales. We practice a one octave C major scale on the right and a C major scale on the left.
9 We re-introduce quavers or 8th notes and hands start interacting and “talking” to each other.
10 We introduce 16th notes or semiquavers.
11 We introduce ties.
12 We learn about one kind of syncopation and we use some of the elements learnt so far.

Enjoy it.

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