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In the Playing Gospel Sounds Series of Piano Lessons, you will focus on learning to play Spirituals and other Hymns associated with Black Gospel Music one song at a time.

Playing Gospel Sounds 8 – “I Surrender All” is the eighth Black Gospel song that you will be learning to play in the Playing Gospel Sounds series.

Have you ever wondered How To Play Gospel piano? What are some fillers, licks, and runs I can play in gospel music? What are some good gospel intros and endings?

You will learn answers to these questions in all of the Playing Gospel Sounds programs one song at a time.

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Charley Wyser performs the entire versions of all of the songs in the series using some of the “traditional seasonings and spices” heard in Black Gospel music.

You will learn How To Play the version you see and hear in the video less some of the improvisation.

The Black Gospel Piano Lessons will breaks everything down into little parts that are easy to understand.

You will learn Chords, Bass Lines, Octaves, Fillers, Licks, Intros, Endings and much more.

Piano Lessons – Black Gospel #8 – I Surrender All Piano Lesson

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