Learn To Play Piano At Home

Full lesson link: http://www.PlayPianoTODAY.com/sc1

In this first chapter of the piano lessons course titled “Slash Chords”, you’ll learn how to transform ordinary Dominant 7th chords into fantastic sounding 11th chords. By opening up standard piano chords into higher-extension piano chords, you’ll learn how easy it is to get a very rich sounds out of your piano or keyboard!

By the end of this piano lessons video, we’ll take this new piano lessons technique and use it to transform all of the Dominant 7th chords of an old spiritual into advanced 11th chords. This piano lessons series is a must if you want to advance quickly on the piano.

This powerful technique will teach you how to maximize the sound of Dominant 7th chords by transforming them into fantastic sounding 11th chords. Once you learn how easy this piano lessons technique is, you’ll quickly gain an entire new sound on the keyboard.

Make sure and check out the additional piano lessons videos online, which include many more techniques on how to quickly create fresh, new sounds on the keyboard.

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