Learn To Play Piano At Home

Considering teaching piano lessoms through the channel im a future. If anyone is interested please let me know , and comment down below. I teach children from 7 years old to 17 years. It is a requirement to have your own instrument ( uprigjt piano with 88 keys). If you do not have an upright piano ( conventional manual one which includes a mechanism with hammers inside, and those hammers touch internal strings), then you could use a complete digital or electrical keyboard with a total of 88 keys in total , counting black m and white keys. I conduct an initial interview, or audition to make sure the student will have the basic skills to play the instrument. It is a simple test that includes following some rhythmical patterns, and or following some melodic patterns ( a combination between a melodic line with rhythm You could contact me through my e mail: Yadelhgl@gmail,con for prices , and availability. Sincerly proffessor Yadel Hernandez.

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