Learn To Play Piano At Home

Bulu Mukarung

Poison girls -Piano Lessons of their statement discography set

Practice your piano

Practice makes perfect

They are marching past the window

They are marching down your street

They have noticed that expensive car

And your freezer full of meat

And how you can’t

Rest without

The guard dog at your feet

They are drilling in the playground

They are training on the green

There’s a million of them out there

And their guns are made of steel

You don’t know them

But they know you

And their bayonets are real

We are having piano

we are having piano

we are having piano lessons

They’ve learned all their lessons

You taught them all they know

You shouted out the orders

And you told them where to go

So don’t complain

When they return

The treatment blow by blow

Or will you come with us on the run

With the wild girls on the run

Or will you stay behind

And take to guns…

They’re marching past the window

Down your suburban street

They have emptied out the corner shop

They’ve eaten all the meat

So watch out boys

Because they’ve killed

The guard dog at your feet

We are having piano

we are having piano

we are having piano lessons

Numerous studies from around the world actually prove that learning how to play piano can and will improve multiple areas of your life. Personally, learning to play the piano has done more for me than I could have ever imagined!

Here are five reasons why you need to learn the piano.

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