Learn To Play Piano At Home


Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano but were too intimidated to try?

Don’t feel bad. The reason why so many piano programs *fail* just as often as diet programs is because they all loose sight of what’s really important to the average piano student… making music!

Yes there will be a time when you’ll need to/have to/want to learn music theory and how to read music notation, but there’s no need to overwhelm yourself with the technical stuff too soon.

So sit back and watch how you can start learning how to play the piano in small “bite-size chunks” one step at a time, at a slow and comfortable pace:

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pianoforall | learn piano online
Most people don’t really want to ‘learn’ to play the piano or ‘practice’ the piano, they just want to ‘play’ piano. ‘Play’ sounds like fun, ‘practice’ sounds like a chore. We get this image from childhood — some kid stuck indoors ‘practicing’ scales while all the other kids are outside the window ‘playing’.

pianoforall | learn piano online
Follow the 3 times daily rule. Repetition in practice is ESSENTIAL. If you find something particularly difficult make sure you practice it at least 3 times every day. Don’t worry if it takes months to master — you’ll get there.

Pianoforall | learn piano online
Piano practice can be fun too!..
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Piano Lessons For a Princess · Solomon Nersa

Life: As Royalty

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Released on: 2019-01-16

Artist: Solomon Nersa

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Music: Michael Alvarado – ‘Slow Love’