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In this beginner piano lesson, we take a look at half steps, also known as semitones. What is a half step? How to make a key a half step higher or lower. Flat and sharp signs. We talk about sharp and flat notes.

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Learn Piano Improvisation in 5 minutes!! Hey my name is Mark and today I’m going to teach you how to walk up to any piano, and play something like this: I guess you kinda get the idea. The best thing is: this is on the spot, improvised and you can do it too! Because it is SUPER EASY! Let’s have a look at what you have to play, right now. Now here is the best thing: if you happen to forget the order of these chords, it doesn’t matter. You can play them in any order. As long as you play these notes. So let’s write them on the board. So that’s how to improvise on a really cool chord progression. You can play this for hours on end, have a lot of fun with it,. Try it out. You can even change the order of the chords in order to make it more interesting for you. Now if you want to learn more stuff about piano, keep in mind that I just released a new course on Skillshare, you can find that via the link in the description box down below, make sure to check that out! You will get 60 days free access to that course, and there is over 30 hours of piano instruction, there’s a piano workbook, and there’s tests as well, at the end of every chapter, to make sure that you’ve learned everything you need to know. Get your 60 days free via the link down below, right now!

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Video highlights:
00:14. Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing – a short overview.
00:56. The 3 Main Piano Pillars that should be harmoniously combined in a beginner’s practice.
02:37. Let’s have fun! Learning the correct posture and key attack while picking out by ear easy melodies.
03:40. The Basic Playing Movements.
05:58. Piano Fingering. Our Fingers and Their Numbers.
06:36. What is non-legato? Practicing Piece No. 6 – Corn-Flower.
09:26. The first 7 pieces from Nikolaev’s School: detailed demonstration.
13:05. Inventing your own melodies.
14:34. Picking out by ear your favorite songs.
15:11. Starting to explore the Basics of Musical Notation.
16:05. The Main Note Durations: the whole note, the half note and the quarter note.
16:46. The Main Time Signatures.
17:52. The Basics of Conducting
19:12. The Staff and the Clefs.
21:01. Conclusion.

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Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing. Video Course for Beginners. Lesson No. 1

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