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Learn Piano – How to Play Any Song by Ear – LearnGospelByEar.com

Urban and Contemporary Worship Play by Ear is the quickest way to learn any song by ear. After learning how to play by ear with no one to show me, it forced me to develop an easy and quick process and procedure to learning songs by ear quickly. Many of the musicians, when I was learning how to play, did not know theory nor were they able to explain the process to learning songs. After so many years of finally learning theory, I began to see a remarkable pattern to all songs and I am exposing these secrets to you. By learning these secrets, you will not only be able to create your own music without knowing how to read it, but you will be able to play any song you hear GUARANTEED! “It just cannot get any easier than this……” This is the ultimate DVD for beginners and for musicians looking to get back into playing.

Full “4 Chords You Need To Know” lesson available at:


Easy Piano Lessons that focus on learning to play the four basic chords in music.

Piano Lessons: Learning the Basic Chords – Lesson 5 will teach you how to apply the four basic chords using what you have learned so far.

You will learn how to play a bass line in your left hand. You will also learn how to put the hands together in a very simple tune.

Piano Lesson 5 will also teach you how to number the chords in a music key using Roman Numerals for simplicity.

Piano Lesson 5 teaches you to number the chords by learning the Major scale and numbering each tone in the Major scale.
These piano lessons are kept easy and move at a pace that makes learning them simple.

Piano Lessons – Learning the Basic Chords Lesson 5

I’m Shawn Cheek, and I’ve been teaching piano for 30 years, the last 12 exclusively online. I have 2 websites, webpianoteacher.com and shawncheek.com. webpianoteacher.com is for learning to play by ear using the chord approach. shawncheek.com is for learning to read music notation and classical music. Combined, I have 5000 video lessons, a lifetime of music learning! If you’d like a huge discount on a Dual Membership Lifetime Package to both websites, send me an email to easypianolessons@yahoo.com. Enjoy your music! Shawn

From http://www.PlayPianoTODAY.com – This is an overview of ‘Phat’ Chord Voicings Chap. 2. In this lesson, we’ll dig into the concept of taking standard ‘Major 7’ chords and ‘phattening’ them up into tasty ‘Major 9’ Voicings! (Phat = “First rate, or excellent”)

Full library of online video piano lessons at:

Parent homepage:

Index – PlayPianoTODAY.com

From http://www.PlayPianoTODAY.com this is the updated full free version of “Blues for Piano and Keyboard”, chapters 4 and 5. Outrageously fun piano lessons that dive into R&B, Black Gospel and straight-up blues – check it out!

Download the full version of this lesson at:

Have you always wondered how to improvise on the piano? What notes do you play when improvising? What notes go with what chords? How do you improvise on a song?

This series of Piano Lessons provides Instruction that make it easy to learn how to improvise and create melodies in your right hand on any style of music.

In “How To Improvise And Create Melodies, Lesson 1”, you will learn:

– How to improvise and create melodies based on a easy, very powerful, rarely taught concept
– How to play the improvisations and melodies you create in several different keys
– How to take an improvised melody, break it down into very simple sections and make it easy to learn
– How to create very smooth and flowing ideas when you play
– How to create “shell” chords in your left hand, so you can concentrate on your right hand ideas
– How to coordinate the hands together easily
– How to create a fancy sound by adding in extra notes to your melodies
– And much more

Piano Lessons – How To Improvise And Create Melodies

Check out http://PlayPIanoTODAY.com for more amazing piano lessons!

This piano lesson deals with the incredible Diminished 7th chord. Because all of the intervals (or distances) between the notes of this chord are exactly the same, you can boil all 12 Diminished 7th chords in music to only three!

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Chord Progression: Am – C – Em – Em (From easy to difficult stuff)
Sheet Music: http://goo.gl/f73MBS
Jazz Piano Bundle Vol. 1 https://goo.gl/AzDrEa
Blues Piano Bundle Vol. 1: https://goo.gl/YeedFl

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0:07: Example 1: Root Position (No voice Leading)
0:27 Example 2: Smooth Voice Leading No. 1
0:46 Example 3: Smooth Voice Leading No. 2
1:02 Example 4: Broken Chords No. 1
1:18 Example 5: Simple Groove in the left hand
1:32 Example 6: Broken Chords No. 2
1:48 Example 7: Broken Chords with Left hand Groove
2:03 Example 8: Broken Chords No. 3
2:18 Example 9: Broken Chords No. 3 + Broken Chords (left hand)
2:32 Example 10: Broken Chords No. 4 (Coldplay: Clock technique)
2:49 Example 11: Coldplay technique + Broken Chords (left hand)

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Complete Piano Improvisation course for beginners and intermediate students:

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