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Pop songs usually have choruses that repeat, an emotional main idea and verses that tell a story. Write a catchy pop song that has simple rhyme schemes with lessons from a professional musician in this free video on music careers.

Expert: Athena Reich
Contact: www.athenareich.com
Bio: Athena Reich is a professional musician, actress, artist, singer, songwriter and coach for all of the above.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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To find C Major and C Minor for piano chords, you need to find middle C and build a chord. Learn more about piano chords with help from a professional piano teacher in this free video on piano lessons.

Expert: Kendall McGuire
Bio: Kendall McGuire earned her Bachelor of Science degree in voice performance and has been performing for more than 20 years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: When starting to the play the piano, you should learn the basic chords, fingering and scales. Learn piano playing basics with help from a professional piano teacher in this free video series on piano lessons.

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Tutorial by Ansari Aizaz ..

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In this piano lesson from Peery Piano Online (http://peerypiano.com), Christie teaches how to use the drop float wrist when playing piano. The idea is to drop your wrist on certain notes while floating it on others depending on how you want the music to sound.

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Learn piano: how to play Clementine – http://www.zebrakeys.com/blog/2011/02/learn-to-play-piano-clementines/
Access Free virtual piano to practice playing this song now at http://www.zebrakeys.com/resources/musictools/virtualkeyboard

Learn How to Play Piano – Free Online Piano Lessons at: http://www.zebrakeys.com/lessons/preparation/pianolayout/?id=1

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Aura Lee
Deck The Halls
If You’re Happy And You Know It
Jingle Bells
Skip To My Lou
The Ash Grove
This Old Man
What A Friend We Have In Jesus

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This is the updated version of the online piano lessons series titled ‘Phat’ Chord voicings. Check this out for a revolution in your piano playing!

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Free online piano lessons that teach you to play the piano. Free gospel piano lessons, articles, and piano lesson reviews. This piano lesson covers The First Noel with a semi-classical style.

For more free piano lessons visit http://www.pianovillage.com

I’m posting this because I want to show my fans that it is NEVER too late to improve yourself. I stopped playing the piano at 12 years old because of a traumatic experience. I didn’t want that event to keep me from pursuing something that I could enjoy and actually get good at. I hope this encourages you!


In this video I cover a essential gospel piano turnaround. You need this for your worship songs. This is a part of my gospel piano essentials lessons.

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help : chose your scale according to you . then play the notes with respect to your “sa”
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