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Piano Lessons Gone NUTS! Video 1 of MANY coming up where Shawn answers the common everyday questions about music that everyone has. I’ve taught piano lessons for over 23 years, and played professionally for longer than that! No cold lifeless animated lessons here, or watered down lessons by someone who doesn’t understand themselves what they are trying to teach you! I’m ready to teach and help you to reach your goal and dream of playing the piano successfully. Enjoy.

Focus: How to not only practice, but how to develop the mind to think about fingers independently so that in the end, each finger is as strong as the others and the two hands become one extension of your emotional centre.

New Podcast Series: http://piano-jazz.blogspot.com/2018/06/a-word-in-your-ear.html

Some very good practice tips including my own daily routine (within the scope of the video). Realise that the fingers don’t have muscles, rather they have tendons. You never seek to ‘strengthen finger muscles’, you seek to develop a mental connection between your mind and its absolute positivity regarding any pianistic requirement (difficult passage, etc), removing any doubt or negativity from this process.

A useful link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand

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Piano Lessons Gone NUTS! I’m Shawn Cheek, and I’ve taught piano lessons professionally for over 23 years, and played professionally for longer than that! I’ve arranged this to sound GOOD for solo piano at home, and I hope you guys enjoy it! http://www.twitter.com/webpianoteacher is his Twitter page to receive tweets when Shawn uploads a new video. Enjoy!

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Jazz Piano Lessons for Beginners – Introduction to Jazz Piano

How to Play Piano Chords for Beginners – easy jazz piano lessons teaching chords for beginners to improvisation. Play beautiful chords as quickly as possible while learning proven improvisation techniques.

The easiest way to learn piano chords:

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hi friends i will teach you everything i know about piano, so this method will make you learn fast. first get to know some basics . it might be boring , but please follow these videos, so that it will help you in my upcoming videos , i uploaded . i have short videos so u wont get bored.u will learn about boogie shuffle rhythm , in this video. please subscribe for more videos……

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The C Major Scale – Piano Lessons

The C major scale is usually the first scale piano players learn. It has 8 notes, and starts and ends on C. They are c -d -e -f – a-b- c.

Visually, it’s probably the easiest, because it is all white notes. As long as you know where C is, you will be able to play the correct notes.

The part that can be tricky is getting the correct fingering. The thing to remember is that the thumbs and third fingers are the ones doing the tucking or crossing.

The right hand starts with the thumb on C and continues stepping up to the third finger. After that, the thumb tucks under the middle finger to the next note (F) and this allows the rest of the fingers to get in place. After the thumb plays, continue stepping up to C. To come back down the scale, reverse the fingering.

The left hand starts with the pinky on C and steps up to the thumb which is on G. Then the middle finger crosses over the thumb and plays the A. The pointer finger and thumb finish up the scale.

C Major Scale fingering for the right hand
1-2- 3-1- 2-3-4-5

C Major Scale fingering for the left hand
5-4- 3- 2-1- 3-2-1

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Welcome to Time to Learn (TTL) : How to Play Piano By Ear For Beginners in this I am going to teach you about 10 Bollywood songs in Raag Shivranjani piano lessons. In this tutorial I am trying to present a lesson about Raag Shivranjani and its keys and top 10 bollywood songs, like
1. Jaane Kaha gaye voh din from Joker
2. Mere Naina sawan bhado phir bhi mera man pyasa
3. baharo phool barsao mera mehboob aaya hai
4. kab ke bichde aaj kahan aake mile
5. ek aisi ladki thi jise mai pyar karta tha
6. tere mere beech mein kaisa hai ye bandhan
7. sansar hai ek nadiya sukh dukh do kinare hain
8. o mere sanam o mere sanam
9. o sathi re tere bina bhi kya jeena
10. awaz deke hame tum bulao
and also kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain hum
. In this video I am present the Jaane Kaha gaye voh din from Joker. You can play song on any instrument. This is a raag theory with practical lesson. I have tried my best as possible. Please practice as I teach then you can play your song on keyboard, Harmonium, Casio and piano and any other instruments. So please watch the video and comment for further improvement. Support my video to share, like and subscribe my channel.

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