Learn To Play Piano At Home


Welcome to Mezzo Piano Lessons

My name is Farnaz and I am a piano teacher based in Sydney’s inner west suburbs, in a convenient location.

I offer private piano tuition to students of all ages, from absolute beginners, kids and adults to quitters who want to have a fresh start and enjoy playing piano again. All piano tuitions are on a one to one basis. The lessons cover both theory and practical sides of music.

Based on 7 years’ experience of teaching and tutoring I believe that everyone is able to learn how to play piano easily. No matter how old you are, if you have the passion for music it is never too late to start learning to play piano.

The whole purpose of my piano lessons is to make sure that the process of learning is fun and easy for you or for your kids, based on the most practical and popular methods and at an affordable price.

I help you to experience one of the most satisfying and rewarding journeys of your life because as Nietzche says “without music life would be a mistake.”

Free Beginner piano lessons – piano lesson 1 – teach yourself how to play piano for beginners – basic keyboard/piano tutorial for the absolute beginner with tips and tricks. Ideal for children & kids in primary school & high school and adult learners. Learn note names, hand positions, simple chords and playing melodies, step by step.

More Lessons about chords, songs, scales, basslines, improvisation & songwriting at http://www.markhansen.biz/Piano

In this Lesson #1:-
1. Note names
2. Finger exercises for strength and dexterity
3. Playing piano with both hands
4. Simple chords
5. Basic improvising with chords and melody

Notes for the tune at the end of this video lesson. Chords in capital letters in brackets and minus sign shows a very short first note connected to normal one as in “d-e”. You can simplify the tune by leaving out these very short notes.

(C) c b a b c (G) b a g f e d c d (Am) e c c c d (F) d-e c c c (C) c c c c d (G) d-e d c b a g a (Am) a-b a g f e (F) d e c c (C) c g g g (G) b g g g (Am) b c c b a g f e d c d (C) c